Patterns to reduce unit test friction series

I’ve decided to write a bunch of patterns and practices up in a concise way that help to make unit testing in .Net a better, lower friction experience. Getting started unit testing can be quite painful, and its not usually until after you have written large numbers of tests that many issues come to light.

They don’t apply to all situations, but they are hopefully a distillation of a bunch of patterns and practices that really help with TDD and unit testing in general for that matter.

The current patterns and practices posts in this series are:

  1. Pattern 1 - Avoid explicit construction
  2. Pattern 2 - Abstract external dependencies
  3. Pattern 3 - Never create time dependent tests
  4. Pattern 4 - Test Data Builder
  5. Pattern 5 - Autofixture as an automatic Test Data Builder
Written on May 17, 2018